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My First Restaurant Review: Cloak and Blaster

So, I had a great time with my friends at the Cloak and Blaster last night. And this is because my friends kick much ass. That being said, I feel that the business is doomed if they do not fix things. The Beta testing thing is cute as a concept, but that assumes that they are wanting to get feedback, and I saw no suggestion box at the door… So we begin our journey.

First of all, the cavernous venue. It’s too big and echo ridden. The sound is a real problem if you have tables of 6 people struggling to hear what attack is being thrown their way. I would suggest building a wooden loft above the space, or build some faux pillars and string drapery/tapestry to divide up and sound deaden the place. Unfortunately, that would probably be cost prohibitive at this point.

Secondly, but most annoying, the staff. The hostess may have just been a random cosplayer who happened to be walking around, without a podium/station to wait at the door. It was a very haphazard affair. Then there was our waiter. I feel calling him a waiter is a bit of a stretch. It was more like socially inept convention volunteer. Dude, we are playing a game here and trying to eat. We need condiments, not skits and 12 year old movie quotes. And stop trying to get involved in the table conversation, we were having a great time with each other before your awkward gloom cloud menaced our party and ogled our female fighter’s appendages. Oh and it’s kind of important to get it right when a patron asks if a food has something in it because of adverse reactions.

Lastly, but most importantly, if the profit margin comes from food and drink served, take a hint from Gordon Ramsey, get rid of all that extra shit on your menu. If you want to serve pub food, do that, but, do them well. The quality needs to be high enough that it can justify the price. A lot of the food seemed to be ordered right off of a pre-packaged food distributor list, and lacked the culinary imagination that went with the descriptions on the menu. And then there is the game play area vs. food eating area of the table space. The wood tables look great, but when the food came out, there was a calamity of food dripping into game play. Maybe elevate the food on spindles just above the table (like iron lazy susans ).

It did serve as a good example of what not to do for this kind of establishment. Commodification of geek sheek looks pretty ugly, when you screw up both the business side of it and the geek side of it.

If this were a game, I would say that it failed to make it’s milestone deliverable.

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